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A Never Before Definition of Yoga

 - by a free spirit Yoga is seeking yourself through the wilderness of life, it is finding...
200 hour online yoga teacher training course

From A Woman

A woman comes to a point when her body starts to reject the emasculated man....
Learn Yoga For Mental Health

Yoga For Mental Health

How Yoga For Mental Health Works? Tension, Terror, Anxiety, Depression, sounds familiar, right? If we start...

Yoga For A Better Mind

Yoga To Your Mind Moving with the ancient art, towards the self-healing path! Yoga is an ancient...

The Pandemic Stress and Yoga

What’s Happening? A lot is happening to the world right now, COVID-19 has hit humanity really...

Why Your Yoga Teacher Training Course Should Be Yoga Alliance Approved?

You must have come across various yoga schools and teachers that offer yoga classes, but...

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