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Why Being A Yoga Teacher Is The Best Thing Today!

Health And Fitness Are Not Just In Conversation Anymore While most people today are just interested...
Seven Chakras which control our life & moments.

7 Reasons you should go for 300 hours YTTC Today

Because Youtube tutorials and regular yoga classes are just not enough to justify the big...

Pandemic and Yoga Teacher Training

More Learned More Balanced More than 200 million people today are practising yoga in their everyday...

Coping With Depression

Your body can evolve with time, but it's your mind that needs the convincing Everyone around...
200 hour online yoga teacher training course

Taking A Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

A Journey To The Mindfulness The greatest worth is self-mastery The past two years have been a...

A special Surya Namaskar

A friend asked me: "How can you keep doing the same Suryanamaskar every single day?" It...

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