A Never Before Definition of Yoga

 – by a free spirit

Yoga is seeking yourself through the wilderness of life,
it is finding your solace in a world full of turmoil.
To fly beyond the layers alone and yet feel the whole, is yoga.
To find a balance between your light and dark, is yoga.
When you can hold onto that one thought you untwine
from the millions, running in and around your soul, is yoga.
Yoga is a moment you’re meant to experience,
it’s a sense you’re meant to extend.
To unlearn the norms is a true yogic form.
Yoga is that energy you’re meant to vibe, all through your life.
Yoga is the realisation that you’re everything
and for what you’ve been wrinkling yourself for ages, is nothing.
Yoga is not a handstand, it is not just a split,
neither it is a challenge nor it’s a hashtag.
Your mat doesn’t define Yoga,
Your leggings won’t define Yoga,
how much you can bend over can never describe Yoga.
Yoga is resting in your own body – White, Black, Blue
Wrinkled or Smooth, Pale or the one that overpowers,
thin-skinned or the one with plenty of covers.
Yoga is not being someone you’ve always wanted to be
but it is about learning who you really were from the starting.
Yoga is letting yesterday be the sound of wisdom that you lack,
it is how much you can live into the present and for the next day,
you just hope to see the sun shining all over again.
Yoga is Dharma, Yoga is Karma
Yoga is a relief, it is a belief
It lets you in, it lets you be,
the escape, the reality we all seek.
Yoga is aged, yet it is new.
To a human, returning to his soul is yoga.
When you welcome yourself back to you, it is yoga.
Wherever you go you feel at home, is yoga.
A yogic journey reveals you to yourself.
Therefore, you must make an effort to meet the real self,
once in your complete continuance.