Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga ... Dogma, Fanaticism and Indoctrination The problem with bhakti yoga is that it can easily lead to blind dogmatism combined with fanatical enforcement of one's beliefs on others. This is not bhakti, throughout history,...
200 hour online yoga teacher training course

From A Woman

A woman comes to a point when her body starts to reject the emasculated man. A man that is not safe, not protective, not responsible, not a leader. A woman's body comes to a point when...
10 Reasons To Become A Yoga Teacher Today

10 Reasons To Become A Yoga Teacher Today

Looking for reasons is also one of the reasons to start your yoga teacher training journey So, without wasting any time let's just start learning reasons to become a yoga teacher today. Not only do you teach...

A special Surya Namaskar

A friend asked me: "How can you keep doing the same Suryanamaskar every single day?" It was a good question. Why was I not getting bored? Doing the same routine every single morning? The answer, of course,...

What Are Mantras Actually?

Mantra means a pure sound. Today, modern science is proving that the whole existence is reverberations of energy, different levels of vibrations. Where there is a vibration there is bound to be a sound. As there...

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