What the World Won’t Tell You: Challenges of Being a Yoga Teacher


The only thing that the world knows about your job is that it sounds cool to others. A  huge number of Yoga enthusiasts in pursuit of their passion, dedication and love become yoga teachers.

Doing what you love somewhat sounds easier but constantly loving what you do is a whole different story. We know that it sounds familiar to you too.

Loving your Yoga teaching profession is surely the best thing but overcoming the unheard and unseen hurdles can make you feel low at times. There are numerous technicalities and methods yoga teachers should adopt to keep the liking for their career alive throughout their life.

What’s the solution? The in-depth knowledge and expertise in your field, positive attitude towards life, optimism, and creativity.

Let’s take a look at the challenges that every yoga teacher faces in their life every day to lead students into their sacred aim:

To live up to the learner’s expectations

It is one of the best and challenging parts of being a yoga teacher, the hopes would be high when it comes to healing your learners. Every learner would come to you not only to learn yoga poses but to heal themselves and healing in itself is a deep process. 

Meeting every individual’s expectation would never be an easy road to walk on. The trust the learners bestow upon the yoga teacher is huge.

Yoga is a journey and not merely a practice, and keeping the belief alive and the journey to appear sparkly and shiny is a great responsibility a yoga teacher carries.

Compromised Self-practice

Self practice is the most compromised aspect of a Yoga teacher. It is one of the most important parts of yoga teachers as it is the main source of exploration and inspiration. The overlapping time between your relaxing hour and student’s learning time has always been a challenge. Making things work for you would need you to manage your time and skills really well. 

It is important for yoga teachers to say no to Juggling and say yes to time management at its best. 

They feel exhausted

One after one yoga classes make them feel exhausted even before the day ends. Though yoga sessions are relaxing, the lined-up yoga classes with the pressure of handling each individual with the utmost care bring exertion as well. It may definitely look like a relaxing hour, and it is true but not after a certain limit. 

Yoga is supposed to be practiced in peace when you could connect with your energy and match it with the universe to bring stability and balance in every way. Speaking in between while guiding and instructing students adds to fatigue, both physically and mentally.

Adjusting their practices as per student’s body type and need

Every individual’s body type is different, and a Yoga teacher very well understands this. Being a Yoga expert and guide, it becomes your responsibility to be with the students all the time for guiding and instructing them so that they can learn the right method of practicing yoga poses meant for them.

Taking out time for the yoga poses that help them live a better life becomes difficult due to the yoga classes schedule.

Low confidence due to less experience

The ones who just stepped out of the learning phase and are now teaching yoga might face stage fear and experience low confidence due to less experience and exposure in the industry. Sometimes, they meet students who are more experienced than them and that invites lowering down of confidence.

Whereas, Yoga learners who want to gain confidence in delivering a yoga class before they actually make it a profession do opt for Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). It gives its students an opportunity to come up and deliver classes by training them.

Emotional relief

Yoga is a healing journey that bestows upon you not only physical and mental relief but also brings emotional relief with it. A Yoga teacher experiences emotional relief while practicing yoga poses and meditating. Pranayama and Meditation attract all the good and positive energies. Overall, sharing the teaching of Yoga is tremendously satisfying on so many levels, including the spiritual.

To sum up a yogic lifestyle is undoubtedly to inspire the world and make it a better place to live. One can become a celebrity yoga trainer, can open their own studio, and work in a lavish resort as a yoga trainer. The advantage of being a yoga teacher is worth all the seen and unseen challenges that walk in with it. 

Also, yoga makes it sound worth it!