What’s Your Instinct Saying, Listen To It Here…

Hang in there a little more, it’s just a matter of time, 

I, your instinct, have high hopes, for you and your life.

Soon I am gonna take you out there in the light,

 Where you will shine all bright, with no fear, no fright,

and everything you feel will be just alright,

So you hang in there a little more because it’s just a matter of time!

This is what your survival instinct tries to tell you every time you think of abandoning your existence, simply because nobody is ever being able to accomplish a thing after doing that. And that is one great tragedy so never be a part of that. 

You have moments…

…where you feel you are living a pretentious life, you cry for hours looking into the mirror, get angry at nothing, want to lay curled up in some dark corner place, slow down your brain by whichever mean possible and want to stop whatever you’re feeling because you know something’s not right with you but one instinct is continuously throbbing inside your head, screaming survival and asking you to break the shield you have created for yourself under the influence of all the bad incidents you have had in your life and it wants you to come out of that damned zone.

Most people share these feelings in common today and we all know what it is. Yes, depression it is!

A phase (long or short) where your work-life balance is scattered, understanding yourself is difficult, cheering yourself up is not even an idea that ever clicks your mind, staying still is maybe all you want. You feel nothing but empty and sad because that’s how you feel when you’re stuck in a dark zone. You may feel at one point that there’s no will left in you to fight this and you want to give in but no matter how extreme a situation is, outside or inside, there’s always a fight for survival going on inside a living creature that lets him or her win a battle whether it is on the ground or in someone’s head. So, take help before you reach that state because it’s the only brave move left for you to do in that case. 

In depression or anxiety, you want to resist everything that can help you overcome your issues but still try focusing on your instinct and do this (you may start feeling better) –

Try to do simpler things regularly with any amount of focus left in you.

Like breathing, bathing, grooming, gazing at stars, watching a sunset or sunrise maybe, listening to good music, writer’s recommendation – The sounds of Himalayan bowls work awesome for you and your chakras. Then later go for other things like book-reading, meditation and yoga, dancing, painting anything for which you once thought that you can and you should do. 

Enlist all the things that you are thankful for.

Anything that has ever provided you with any amount of happiness, recall and appreciate it always. Be it – your family, your dog, your poetry, your art, a song, a dish or anything. 

See the world through someone else’s eyes.

Think of the times when people came to you for a word of advice, to share feelings, or when you helped them, how all that made you feel. Try reliving the moments of compassion you once had with other people and creatures because you’re kind and good somewhere and maybe it’s only you who is being hard on yourself.

Identify your assets.

Each one of us has some traits that give us good vibes like kindness, humour, creativity, intelligence, vision, and more. Identify your traits and do something, like if you care for someone, call and check in with them, maybe share a meme, solve a puzzle or try feeding a stray animal. 

Accept your emotions as they are.

Don’t try to fool yourself by smiling like an idiot even when you are sad. Give yourself time to understand all your emotions and the fact that why in the world you’re feeling so, talk to someone you confide in with or to yourself or write it out, just don’t suppress them and don’t ever let yourself lose to a bunch of emotions. You’ve got to leave the pain and all your mournings behind because you’ve already shed too many tears on them. 

If at any point you ever feel that coming out of your dark zone is next to impossible for you then ask for immediate medical help because it’s the only brave and normal thing you could and you should do. Good luck:)