Endarkenment, Enlightenment And Solar Eclipse

Endarkenment, Enlightenment And Solar Eclipse

Humans and Celestial Events (Solar Eclipse)

Humans have always observed celestials events with awe, wondering whether and how they are going to impact the lives on earth. This year, June 10 is the annular solar eclipse. Where our all-time favorite moon will be obscuring the life-driving energy house of this universe – the Sun and creating a “ring of fire” like picture in the sky. No matter in what part you’re living right now you’ll be able to see it, either live or through social media, a-k-a perks of technology. So the basics are all done here. Now it’s time to dig into something that you may not know yet – The significance and effects of these celestial events on life. Just by the mere means of their existence, events like solar eclipse can create imbalances in us that go a long way. There may not be scientific claims in this regard yet but history never lies.

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The Sun and the Solar Eclipse from History Viewpoints 

Solar Eclipse June 2021

For millennia, solar eclipses have been read as the clues of fate by almost every known civilization. Being responsible for nearly about all the processes that are consumed by beings on earth, the sun and the related events can affect us in ways we might not even aware of. If you look out for answers as being blank paper then you might be able to fill it with some deeper meanings and logics. 

As per Vedic, sister sciences and history, the manifested universe has sprung out of the supreme spirit (or one particular element, for the science fad folks) and there exists a certain dependency of one to the rest of the cosmic presence. The Sun is given the stature of the most powerful force for energizing all in the yogic sciences. It’s no mere luminous orb positioned in the outer space, rather is considered as the source of generating emotions and situations in one’s life more. Events like solar eclipses, impact the rajas and tamas tatva in us. 

Rajas and Tamas Tatva During Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Effects

The solar eclipse factors can amplify Rajas and Tamas Tatva in humans. As per yogic science, Rajas Tatva is attributed to factors like physical activities, passion, restlessness, irritability, dissatisfaction and more. Most of what we would observe in our offices on any Monday. And Tamas Tatva is associated with sleep, laziness, fear, anger, sadness and all. Basically, most of us on a Sunday morning when wake up early by chance!

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Now imagine an imbalance in both these elements. It’s like being seized under endless thoughts, activities, anxiety, peevishness, ignorance, delusion, heedlessness, indolence and you can add more as per your personality. That’s what an imbalance does. And during a solar eclipse, the chances of experiencing these traits are raised to power ten times or more than that of what you’d experience on your normal day/bad day. And also, an increased imbalance of Rajas-Tamas Tatva during an eclipse has its residual effect that subsides over many months. Therefore, Rajas and Tamas are no joke, their increase can hamper you in a lot of ways. 

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

I have revealed the connections already. Now, after knowing all these connections and issues we must move to the solutions, right? Of course, what else is left. Well, to avoid the repercussions of the solar eclipse, one should avoid Rajas and Tamas activities like sleeping, eating, having sex and if possible even drinking. Solutions done! Now let’s move to how you can gain benefits during a solar eclipse. Yes, benefits. 

Well The Benefits Lies In The Yogic Practice 

The yogic science symbolizes the sun as a means of consciousness, it’s the light that revolves in our inner darkness and the sun, in reality, does revolve around, in darkness. Most corners in the world worship the Sun as part of a spiritual path of light, enlightenment and self-realization. And as a religious practice also. But we are in the last section to discuss the ways of gains for worshipping or honouring the Sun during an eclipse, and nothing else, promise. 

First and foremost, the Sun Salutation. 

Second, practice Moon Salutation. 

Thirds, you can practice the below as well –

deep breathe

Kapalabhati (Breathing Technique) 

The new moon develops slight suffocation in the environment. Practising asanas related to breathing is extremely advantageous. Kapalbhati will help you to maintain a good breathing level and give you peace of mind. Indeed much needed these days!!

Solar Eclipse and yoga

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge Pose)

The partial Sunlight during the eclipse, passing through gaps in leaves on trees, projects a Crescent image of the sun. This heart-opening posture also effectively stretches out your legs, groin, squads, and iliopsoas in alignment with nature. Incorporating breath control with this simple pose will also open up your chest and shoulders whilst improving your body’s flexibility and also toning your butt and thighs. That’s a lot actually!

yoga asanas during Solar Eclipse

Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose and variations)

This is an excellent pose for your inner strength and courage which will defeat your inner spiritual warrior against the negative energies like ego and ignorance. The physical benefits of this include strengthening of the back, buttocks, shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and ankles.



Due to the imbalance of Rajas and Tamas during the eclipse, negative thoughts start to flow through the mind. Thus, making it essential to maintain peace within the mind. Savasana also reduces the flow of negative energy in the body. And has calming effects on our minds. 

Ps, It’s My Favourite One!  

And remember, to meditate is always good anytime anywhere!

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