From A Woman

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A woman comes to a point when her body starts to reject the emasculated man. A man that is not safe, not protective, not responsible, not a leader.

A woman’s body comes to a point when it can no longer accept what it has accepted so willingly for so many years.

She came to a point where she can no longer feel more of that coming into her.

Yet she can also be lost. What now. There is a breaking point between where the old can no longer enter as her body rejects it. And she is not certain about what is healthy masculine. If he will be there for her.

I call on you women to find that man within you. The caring man who stands. Who does not blame. He exists. The one who understands. Who is space for you with stability and full strength. He is there to welcome you.

We’ve been so engulfed by relationships where there is always something wrong. That there is no safe haven. And that we cannot even accept what is there that honours us to come to us.

If we allow that to come to us in our hearts, we will be able to allow it on the outside to come to us.

There is a masculinity that is safe and strong, reliable. It lives. Yet it is hard to recognize it even when it is there. Especially releasing and opening to that within our heart.

You will be caught in his arms. He is there for you. Feel it, open to it. Release, and he will come.

– Gregor Kelt