How Does Yoga Improve Strength?


Given a choice, what would you pick?

Physical Strength & Lean Body  OR  Flexibility, Lean Body, Better Balance, Better Posture, Stress Relief, Improved Focus, Greater Immunity & Toned muscles.

limb pose

You all know very well which side is loaded more with benefits and that side my friend, leads straight to the Indian art of living – Yoga! 

Do you claim…

..that you can run for miles, lift heavy weights and stand a chance at UFC but can’t bend down, touch your toes, or sit criss-cross? Yes?

Then you’re definitely not alone, a whole lot of other people belong to this category. But if you are looking for good solutions for the same in this pandemic era, here’s a good one, actually one of the best yoga teacher training in India is available online now, and with this, you don’t just learn or practice yoga but you gain a piece of knowledge so deep that you can pass on its beautiful essence to the entire world.  

Why Yoga?

Do you know there are about 84,00,000 variations of yoga asanas that exist in the world? And yet you are struggling with your regular boring workout pattern or facing no-workout consequences at home right now.

People who don’t understand Yoga, call it mere stretching or a passive exercise and those who do know it from its core never feel like calling it anything but a complete workout for your body, mind and soul. Few sequences of Ashtanga style yoga can even make you feel that 30-mins of cardio is pretty doable and easy. But here’s the beauty of Yoga – you can choose your delicacy level, make it hard or make it easy, it’s up to you. 

Each asana is aimed at a specific group of muscles and even the simplest “stretches”, like upward facing dog or downward dog, can help you tone your muscles in the upper and lower body.

Not just for your physique, it’s a blessing for your soul

Yes, it is indeed. And now how it helps to strengthen your body and gaining immunity?

For those who do it, strength is quite lower on their list. But they really get stronger – bone and muscle -wise, with its practice. Yoga asanas make you put your entire weight on a specific muscle & a few bones while practising a particular posture, thus adding more strength to that part. 

Also, when you learn yoga or pursue online yoga teacher training, you get to learn about your bodily energies and how they impact the anatomy of your body, you learn about the relation of – Yoga, Ayurveda & the Human Body, you meet people who are madly in love with this art and are some of the happiest souls in this world. You learn from the yogis who have dedicated their lives to this art, imagine having such creatively wonderful souls around you! 

Maybe this is going to sound a bit flowery but it’s just true, learning online yoga TTC in India is not like learning any usual commercial course, it’s definitely a journey of a lifetime. You don’t only make your life better but you learn to make other people’s lives meaningful and so much beautiful and at the end of the course you’ll be justly proud of yourself, satisfied and all happy to become a professionally certified yoga teacher. 

Definitely earning a good amount on your own terms is a plus point and if you want to learn more about our course or us, visit us virtually here.