How Yoga Makes You A Better Person?


Yoga and The Better You

We say, “A body in yogic motion is a mind with peace as the only notion”.

And it’s true. Because art gives birth to believers and yoga indeed is the world’s greatest art form of – peace, heal and being a better you. A lifestyle that integrates yoga, even in small bits, holds the power of unleashing the best in the beholder!

So, dive with us till the end and we promise you won’t regret it!

A series of Kriya (action) that helps you attain the ultimate source of power, happiness and freedom in you is Yoga. The source that resides in you all the time and can be set free by yogic practices. Yes, we tell you – how?

It all depends on how we approach our body and mind altogether. To understand this, say if you were to lose your hair or maybe your finger or maybe a hand, would you be any less of a person than you are today? No! But we always think of our body, our thoughts and the emotions, as our whole selves, which is not true by the way. No matter how boldly we claim we know ourselves there’re still a few things that we’d want to know about ourselves and yoga helps us take that journey of knowing ourselves better.

What Happens When You Indulge Yourself Into Yogic Practices?

When you are into yoga, a lot gets changed inside you and is shown outside as well. You start to intuit better and more, your sensations get real, you can regulate your breathing into a phenomenal relaxing experience, your body, mind and spirit start telling you what they need and you start honouring your being. You develop a connection with the nature around you, you connect with the postures, and many more things happen but all gradually. So, you’ve got to give yoga its time and witness the better version of yourself. You kind of owe this much to yourself, don’t you?

If you are wondering from where you can learn this art best, the answer is India. Given it’s the origin of Yoga and also Yoga Courses in India and the Yoga teachers here are deeply connected to this art form. They see their families growing into this art form and they make sure you understand the true essence of yogic activities and the philosophy along with other beneficial related Indian cultures too. If you are looking for a specific answer, go with Kashish Yoga and if you want to learn it from home here’s a complete guide for you to start it right now – Start Your Yoga Journey Today.

Those who have never practised yoga before and think it’s too tough, just go for it once, and it’s ok if you make mistakes at the start or if you fall down even at the 10nth time while practising a posture, it doesn’t matter just be careful though. It’s fine, a graceful posture always goes through hundreds of ungraceful attempts! You’ll grow into it soon. Just keep going on!:)