Pandemic and Yoga Teacher Training


More Learned More Balanced

More than 200 million people today are practising yoga in their everyday life. Each day the number is tremendously increasing. For most folks, yoga is not just another hobby for relaxing, conditioning, and rejuvenating but it is their way of life and they are loving every bit of the experience they get from yoga. It is almost like to feel as a newborn. Yoga has its benefits and when one learns about all of them there rise an unstoppable constantly throbbing desire to spread the knowledge, that is miraculous in itself, among all. Therefore most yogis turn into a guru to teach this precious pearls of wisdom and make lives better around them. Which is why Yoga Teacher Training is becoming the next big thing considering all of its beneficial aspects. 

A Dreamed Career With An Attached Life-Changing Purpose

A Yoga teacher/instructor is a dreamed career, particularly if you have diligence for helping others to raise them and make their life better. It provides you with an opportunity to touch others’ lives and inspire them positively and make them flourish while sustaining yourself economically. You learn yoga not just to make a living but to enable others to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and of achievement. As a Yoga teacher, you will enrich others’ lives. You just have to listen to your heart and you can start your journey and learn yoga from its birthplace – India while just sitting at your home. 

Given the circumstances, all of us are stuck badly at our homes, in our careers, and more so. Pandemic has made us thought through about our health, immunity, strength, family, careers and what not. For most of us it is really overwhelming and this is a phase where most people are prone to fall into the pits of depression, diseases, career failures, relationship failures and many others, which is why we believe people need yoga more than ever now, infact it’s best to make yoga a lifestyle right now to avoid physical and mental problems and it is actually like having an alternative career by your side which you can make your mainstream anytime in your life, whenever you want or feel ready about it. For all this you just need to enrol yourself into a great online Yoga Teacher Training course today.

Selecting An Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Great learners have adapted to the worst circumstances, and not only they survive but they thrive and as humans we all have that tendency and history as well. An online yoga teacher training journey is no different than what you learn in an offline journey. You obviously have to make a wise choice while selecting from whom you’re going to learn, because great learners need to have the right gurus (teachers) in order to add adjectives like great.   

Keep These Pointers In Mind While Selecting Your Online YTT Course:

Any art form is best taught in its origin land, therefore for learning yoga, the first choice should always be its birthplace – India.

Make a wise choice while selecting your gurus (mentors), study about them, know their experiences, journey or whatever possible.

Community matters! What kind of community will you be picking for your growth is kind of important in your yogic journey, though it’s an individual journey but support and surrounding always matter.

Techincal support by the school is of real importance. Because yoga is not just some kind of physical exercise that you do usually, it involves deep learning and for that you need people who’ll be at your support anytime when needed. No barriers, No interruptions. Pure communication is indeed required.

So, while you’re on the hunt for the best yoga teacher training school in India, do consider these pointers, these will help you gain the best out of your investment. Also do know that yoga teacher training exists mainly at two levels –

  • 200 Hour Training/Certification: This one is the core course that every Yoga teacher should complete. It’s a beginner course, no matter how many years you have given to yoga, but to become a professional yoga teacher who is allowed to teach worldwide, you need to pursue this journey first. 
  • 300 Hour Training/Certification: This is an advanced yoga teacher training course where you enhance your teaching skills, and learn to lead an advance yoga class. When one completes it, he/she is eligible to obtain an RYS 500 certification from Yoga Alliance. It’s an added benefit for your career.

Once you have completed your Yoga Teacher Training and you register yourself at Yoga Alliance, and then you’re all set to spread the wisdom around. So, go get trained, learn from the best, spread the word and inspire poeple with challenges. Good Luck!