The Power of Yoga


Embracing Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is that one sense where if you want you can set yourself free from all your senses, where you can see your body, mind and spirit as different entities, where you start experiencing the lives around, where you transcend your physicality and enter into different dimensions of your own self.

The Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Reservoirs In You

Yoga’s special strength is the convergence of physical activity, with the creation of spiritual purity. Much as yoga poses improve the body’s resilience, spiritual activities increase our mental fortitude. We live hectic lives filled with stressors of feeling. We have this abundance of suppressed emotions, energies, and more in ourselves which act as a barrier in connecting with ourselves, with our spirit. These when set to release, work miraculously in opening up many new dimensions to us. That lost connection with ourselves is regained with new and better perspectives. And that happens when we give yoga its time to work upon ourselves.

Fulfilling, Inspiring and Challenging

Exercises in spiritual yoga will build up emotional reserves, making it easier for you to handle life’s challenges. Yoga, being certainly a positive lifestyle will inspire you to live a more fulfilling, happy and connected life. The yoga sessions are a place for your body to be cared for, they are also a chance for you to heal your inner self, release the emotional burden and listen to what your body, mind and spirit are actually trying to tell you.

When experienced you get to know that spiritual awakening is not a target or destination, it is a relentless challenge to accept yourself exactly as you are, with all your beautiful imperfections. It is not an out-of-the-body phenomenon and it should not entail detaching yourself from this modern world’s realities. It can neither be passed on to you nor can it be taken away from you once you have it. You should not have to become a disciple or adherent of anyone or join a cult. You do not have anyone to obey. Instead, in every moment of your life, it is a persistent and sacred invitation to accept and welcome yourself exactly as you are, with all your magnificent imperfections.

Truly Conscious and Awake

Every precious moment is about being truly conscious and awake. It is about opening up radically to this incredible gift of life, accepting its suffering and its pleasure, its bliss and its grief, its ecstasy and its abundance, its certainty and its doubt. Knowing that you are never completely apart, never split and never really lost. For certain people, spiritual awakening is a taboo topic. The explanation for this is that people do not want the right religious values to be sold. With that said, it is important to note that it is possible to cultivate spiritual elegance, regardless of whether a person follows a religion or doesn’t follow any religion.

Yoga Came Way Before Than Any Religion

Yoga is not a religious activity, and the metaphysical side of yoga is not tied to any formal method of religion. You may be of any faith or have no faith but you can still pour down yogic practices in your lifestyle. The term yoga suggests combining or uniting, and yogis see this unification in numerous ways: body, mind and spirit uniting, uniting all parts of oneself. Well perhaps for many yogis, yoga is the spiritual aspect of the art, a way to cultivate wholeness, realize wholeness, and acknowledge this wholeness everywhere. For many great yogis, it’s the best way to enhance their bodily and mental capacities.

Yoga provides you with the room to deeply interact with yourself. For sure, it is physical but, furthermore, it is also a mental exercise where you meditate through cognitive stress and psychological difficulties. It strives you to feel and become conscious of your spirit, inside and beyond.

All of us goes through a phase or many where we don’t get ourselves. We convince ourselves of something but feel totally different about it, our thoughts are in some other directions and so is our emotions. These differences that we go through in our own selves are the indicators of the lack of unification that is needed in our body so that it works as a whole. When things are not in synchronicity, are not balanced, are out of order, they need a repairment so that it can be who it actually is. This is offered to all of us by Yoga. The only choice is ours.