Yogic Journey ‘ The Right Approch’


Your Body is a Shrine- Yogic Journey

Yogic journey- Your body is the accumulated result of the universal elements. The way you’re outside reflects the nature within and around you. We all know what happens when we over-exploit the nature and its resources without giving the attention it requires for its continuance! We bear calamities. And then we don’t know what to do? We all know that a sustainable existence is only possible when we make efforts for the same. It’s no rocket science here! N number of people have proven the world that when you treat your body right it brings wonders to you. And yoga on the other hand is one particular means to treat your body as the shrine it actually, is.   

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yogic journey 'the right approach'

Move Your Mind

Often your subconscious mind swings between the pasts and the future, triggering fear and expectation. Your mind is gripped by wishes, anxiety, hunger, aversions and more. But what is important – is to make your mind move!

Move your mind to the present moment and focus on the time that you’re actually living. Because when you don’t do that, nothing that resides in your mind as wishes, dreams and more can actually become your reality. Because you’re not there yet. To make the best of a moment, you need to be in it, don’t you?

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Being In The Present Moment 

To do that, you need to be consciously aware of the current moment, and this is best offered to you on your yogic journey.

yogic journey

Yoga helps you release the unpleasant experiences from your body and mind to give you the experience from the beyond – the experience of Spiritual Awakening. And that release we called – detoxification for body and emotional release for the mind. Toxins and suprressed emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness and more are no good for anyone. It makes you feel lethargic and exhausted and demotivated and more such things. Most individuals around the world who practice yoga know this. It’s not just the physical advantges but the spiritual possibilities that attract the people towards Yoga today.

Yoga has grown across the globe not only as a wellness device but also as a means to explore one’s individuality. It is an amazing outlet for self-discovery and spiritual development. Yoga, in reality, is a therapeutic package for a peaceful life which we all crave for at some point in our lives. It offers you the right strategies to merge your body, mind and soul as one with nature, and connect the divine element of your lives to the inner centre of your being. 

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The Right Approach Towards Spirituality

Being spiritual has nothing to do with your religion, religious beliefs, ancestors, culture or the land to which you belong! Yes, it’s true! Spirituality simply is being concerned about your spirit. The energies you possess refer to spirituality. Spirituality provides you with the inner power required to handle tough circumstances and to keep moving forward with the utmost satisfaction. It helps extend your inner calm which encourages self-development and makes you a human being who is more responsible and is capable of compassion and affection to others.

Benefits You Make On Your Yogic Journey

There are many emotional and moral benefits of yoga which becomes a means of self-care and helps you to concentrate your attention on feeling physically and emotionally healthier, thus, enhancing the quality of your lives. Yoga reminds you to relax as you go through a complex sequence of postures throughout the day and link your body, mind and soul together. With this inner attention on yourself, you should take the opportunity to calm down, let your thoughts flow out, find some good space in your mind, and reflect that on self-awareness and balance.

Plus the harmony, resilience and the alertness you get on the yoga mat represents your behaviour beyond that. Like, learning to relax will help you breathe through tough times without contrasting it with another, stretching in the yoga poses to the maximum will lead to a mentality to do your best in a situation, and let go of what is not in your control. This mentality helps to overcome tension and being agile physically adds to emotional versatility and spirituality.

So to sum up treat your body with respect, it will enhance your mind and enable you to make connection with your inner spiritual world.