Taking A Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

200 hour online yoga teacher training course

A Journey To The Mindfulness

taking the online yoga teacher training course with kashish yoga

The greatest worth is self-mastery

The past two years have been a greater bearer of bad experiences for everyone around the globe. Covid-19 have forced us to change our lifestyle and go into living inside a room. The need for Yoga and meditation has been never felt this much before. The imposition of lockdown has raised health issues in every part of the world. Amidst this suffering, everyone should have access to peace of mind and body and that’s where Online Yoga Practice comes in. It provides a retreat from this chaotic lifestyle. 

Yoga Teacher Training Course 

In spite of the many restrictions that humanity is facing, we have been adaptive which seemed to be impossible. We may be finally using the internet to its fullest potential in order to continue working and educating ourselves. So here we are in a situation that no one could have imagined before. All the Yoga studios, schools, community are closed. As time passes, it is getting more scary and crazy, but what helps in maintaining sanity and the pressure currently is meditation and yoga.

online yoga teacher training course

Did you know that online yoga teacher training courses are a thing?

That’s right, last year Yoga Alliance approved fully remotely obtained YTT certifications as accepted for registration with them. This creates an amazing opportunity for people willing to learn yoga and the yogic lifestyle and attain peace of mind and body. Your mind and body are your best friends, treat them with care, nurture them with growth and feed them with love. And you have that opportunity to learn and grow with us here.

Almost every yoga school is working tirelessly for finding solutions to bring the best online training courses to teach yoga right in the comfort of your home. And there’s a great selection and quality already. All the courses are being taught by experienced and certified teachers from all around the globe through video conferences, live classes and more.

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200 hour online yoga teacher training course

Benefits of Online Yoga teacher training course:

  • Live Classes: Many yoga schools prefer streaming live classes from India to different corners of the world. So, there’s really not much of a difference in learning online and offline today.
  • Online Yoga Course Materials: Your course materials are hosted online making it easier for you to access and learn according to your own pace and comfort. There is no reason to feel guilt, shame or overwhelm if your attention is needed somewhere else.
  • Online support and accountability: You’ll receive feedback and support on your performance by teachers and peers which will help in refining your skills. Group calls and accountability buddies make it easier to stay on track and holding yourself accountable.
  • Learning your way: Everyone has their own pace and time of learning. Some are more active in the morning while others are active in the evening. Learning according to your own way gives you a sense of peace.
  • A global community: Just because you’re online does not mean you can’t connect. Weekly group calls, small group projects, private Facebook groups, Instagram and more help you connect with your fellow trainees.  

Tap into yoga and discover your better version daily

Finally, you can train yourself exactly where you are. Once you are into yoga the difference will be visible not only from inside but from outside. Once you immerse yourself into it you can actually visualize yourself washing away all of your stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. All of your fear, regret and anger will swirl down the drain. There are a lot of yoga teacher training programs available all around for you to choose from and start your journey to mindfulness.

best online yoga teacher training course

The time is right, it’s always when you want to start journeying for the better. Before starting your course, do remember that – the success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform difficult postures but in how they positively change the way we live our lives and relationships. Choosing the best teachers and community is of utmost importance. If you are looking for one specific community in India then Kashish Yoga would be an ideal place for you to start with your yogic journey today.

You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes inside”

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