The Pandemic Stress and Yoga


What’s Happening?

A lot is happening to the world right now, COVID-19 has hit humanity really hard. People are dying across the globe, the economy is going down worldwide, some people are at their worst possible behaviour. Unemployment, hunger and poverty are taking a toll altogether, suddenly the environment seems nothing but hostile to humans. The disruption in human lives due to isolation coupled with the threat of deadly virus is stressing out people loud even in their homes. The majority of people are trying to do their best. Not only leaders and NGOs are the ones helping the needy and fighting against COVID-19 but other communities and some people even individually are helping each other and the stray animals to cope up with the side-but-important issues. 

What Should People Do During Pandemic?

We need to keep ourselves positive in this stressful period and use this time to not lose our productivity as humans so that when the government would need us back to help them revive the economy of the country, we’ll be there with our best shots to give. Now that nature is healing itself by its own means, we are getting enough time and chance to take care of each other, explore ourselves more and spend some moments of joy with our families. But most importantly we need to build greater immunity and good mental health to deal with pandemic and later with its other consequences. 

How to deal with Pandemic Stress?

Yoga during lockdown has gained much popularity, not that it’s a new-age trend but because we all are well-aware of the benefits of yoga for mind and body, some people know that theoretically and some by means of practice. It is well known that yoga boosts the immunity and strength of the body and also it keeps the mind calm and stress-free.

Most of us are stressing a lot right now, the reason being the fear of falling sick, isolation, losing loved ones and financial hardship. We’re not being able to draw a clear picture yet but practising yoga improves mental clarity and it might help us to broaden up our vision because a clear vision is one thing that we all need the most right now. If you need ideas from where to start your yoga routine then here’s a simple guide for you: Yoga to reduce stress and you may also attempt these things to de-stress and help yourself remain calm-

To begin with…

stop torturing yourself by hearing news constantly, the purpose is to remain aware, not to mug up the facts, even the social media also because half of the news there is fake and keeping distance from fake news is the second thing you need to do.

When you wake up, take deep breaths, stretch yourself out, have a cup of tea with your family or with yourself, listen to your favourite music, watch films and shows that are long pending and do other interesting activities.

Try to make new dishes and eat healthily.

If you have been sleep-deprived for years due to work, here’s your chance to make the best of it, grab it and don’t let go of it.

Talk to people, people who you care for, make long-distance video calls, share your concerns and talk your feelings out. It is always relaxing.

deep breathe

Lastly, practice yoga as suited to your body and meditate for as long as you can, it feels good to know your inner strengths. Don’t stress out on the things that you can’t control because not everything is in your hands but you can definitely keep a check on those deadly germs which are in your hands right now! So, wash your hands, maintain distance, learn new things and keep the motivation alive in your senses by practising yoga and meditation daily.