6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting Your YTTC


If the thought of being a Yoga teacher is in your plan, then you must take care of 6 things that will make your journey smooth. The ultimate aim of choosing YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) for yourself is to gain an in-depth knowledge and learn yoga that leaves a phenomenal impact on your life even after YTTC as an individual and a yoga teacher.

The six things you need to keep in mind before beginning with your YTTC are:

  1. It Should be Yoga Alliance Approved

This is one of the most significant things you should take care of. Various yoga schools offer yoga courses, but they are not recognized worldwide. Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community with over 7000+ registered yoga schools and one lakh Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) as of 2020.

The Yoga Alliance-approved YTTC is currently in demand and will remain so due to its importance and recognition all around the world. The course will help you explore diversified yoga styles, traditions, and lineages. In addition, Yoga Alliance fosters and supports the high-quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.

  1. Decide on the Region

Before deciding the school, it would help if you decide the region you want to be in while starting your Yoga journey. We recommend this for two reasons. Firstly, you’d want to have an immersive cultural experience that would make your Yoga journey all the more enriching. Secondly, the weather conditions and food choices go a long way in enhancing your body’s capacity to adapt to a physically challenging regime. India is the origin of yoga. India (Asia) would be the most suitable region to choose. Being in India will enrich your experience with its culture, history, traditions, and the authentic way of imparting yogic skills. It can be traced to northern India, as mentioned in an ancient sacred text, Rig Veda.

  1. Patience is Key

To dive deep into this discipline, you would need much patience to learn and master the art of yoga. The purpose of starting yoga should be clear so that your intention meets the goal, and that is only possible if you have patience. Throughout the journey, you need to learn the techniques and skills of yoga that will help you achieve inner peace. Therefore, to perfect your practice or to master the art of yoga, patience  is a must.

  1. Consistency Matters Throughout the Journey

The idea is to start the YTTC with clarity in mind, maintain consistency, and embrace it throughout your journey. Be consistent in your practice to make it a lifetime experience that benefits you both in your personal and professional life. Being consistent means you are a long-term player and can lead a peaceful and balanced life. 

  1. A Full Body Checkup

Before starting with your YTTC, take a few essential and health-related concerns into consideration. If you have any chronic disease, communicate it to your trainer, and then let your trainer guide you for the YTTC journey.

  1. Do Not Compare Your Journey with Others

Amidst your YTTC journey, if you ever feel like you are unable to perform a certain Asana that one of your community members is performing efficiently, do not compare yourself with them. Instead, understand your flexibility level, your health status, and respect your body type. There will always be something you can do and others cannot. Remember this and respect every individual’s journey and purpose. Yoga, before anything, is a process of self exploration and discovery. Your stiffness or flexibility are nothing more than indicators of how far you are on the journey. Anything you are feeling insecure about today will pass, only if you choose to work on yourself for growth. 

The real meaning of yoga is not to master the poses but to change your perspective positively. The way we live our lives. The outlook towards life will draw your focus inwards and compel you to not compare your journey with others around you.

Summing up!

Learning yoga and absorbing it within you for life are two different things. The six things mentioned earlier are of great importance before you start your YTTC journey. Keeping these things in mind will add a golden feather to your golden YTTC hat. 

We, at Kashish Yoga, understand that these 200 hours teacher training courses, 300 hours teacher training courses and 100 hours teacher training courses are an investment you make towards a life of health and abundance. To that end, our courses, teachers and teaching methodology caters to all the aspects mentioned above. So if you are ready to start your yogic journey, we will help you get there with love, care, and support. So, join our yoga teacher training program and be a part of a vibrant and spiritually aware community of fellow yogis.