What to Expect from YTTC ?


Find Your Balance

The nature of yoga is to shine your light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body. Yoga is the light that one gains only by true hard work and continuous training. Everyone desires to achieve their peace and stay sane while inspiring others positively. Yoga is the greatest gift one can give themselves. Taking that first step into this divine journey requires a lot of will power. The journey of becoming a true Yoga instructor will be long but in the end, you will finally achieve your peace and each moment you will learn something new about yourself.

Yoga is not something that shows up one day and is suddenly here to stay rather it’s the result of creating moments of mindfulness and gratitude throughout our day that’s why it’s called a practice that never ends. Before you start hustling to get your yoga certification let me share everything that you can expect from your Yoga Training or a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Yoga Teacher Training 

These three words can be interpreted as an entire range of emotions like the mystery of the unknown, excitement, anxiety, fear, passion, and so on. You can feel all of these emotions as you take your first step towards your yogic journey. The yoga world is a never-ending cycle of evolution and growth that will always produce lots of emotions. Yoga strengthens and stretches us in so many ways that one wouldn’t have realised, it invites us to breathe, to love our bodies, at the moment in peace. And that’s the beauty of learning Yoga – your growth will never end, the yoga industry is ever-changing, and the world is becoming a better place with one yoga class at a time.

For many people starting their journey as a yogi, they often find themselves wanting more of this every day. You will fall in love with the yoga school, the teachers, the community and your practice if it is taught in the right way to you, therefore, selecting these four is the foremost important step of your yoga journey. So when chosen right, it all becomes an experience of a lifetime, for which you will thank your creators and sense each and every day. 

Everything You Need to Know 

Getting enrolled on an advanced Yoga Teacher Training program can be quite intimidating, plus there might be chances you won’t get enrolled in that at all if you haven’t done a beginner’s ytt course prior. Yoga is amazing but it’s disciplinary in nature, the codes should be followed in order to make your body and mind feel authentic every time, otherwise case is never a choice in Yoga. Remember good things take time and consistent efforts.

You will be doing something new, different, and unfamiliar, and as a result you may feel completely vulnerable but it’s okay to feel all mixed emotions. It’s normal to have these kinds of feelings, but being able to experience a yoga teacher training journey will be one of the most transformative experiences of your life, you will feel like a newborn at the point of your true awakening.

You will find your inner voice

When you will start your journey it’s imperative to find your inner voice. In today’s society with texting being the main source of communication, we don’t speak for hours. It’s weird and unnatural. So when you will be asked to speak in front of a group of people, it may become overwhelming. But don’t shy away from this kind of experience. It’s a beautiful opportunity for you to grow independently.

During your training, be loud and proud to speak your emotions. With time and practice, you will develop your unique identity. It will happen naturally with practice. Enjoy the scenario, and each hiccup and mistake. It’s in those moments that you experience the change and growth within yourself which you have been wanting for so long.

Your body is a shrine

The 200-hour training is only the beginning 

I want you to imagine that this 200-hour teaching training program is the doorknob into the world of a whole new yogic lifestyle. This training will be simply you holding onto that doorknob. And now it’s up to you that you open the door and continue with your studies. A 200-hour journey includes everything that is required to become a self-practising yogi and a professionally certified yoga teacher who is allowed to teach yoga worldwide. You learn from Yoga philosophy to Human Anatomy and Physiology. There are parts of Ayurvedic studies, Yogic Texts, and more. You’re given immensely important instructions on how to lead a yoga class and how to teach yoga as per individual needs. This is just the dust, a whole lot of life-changing knowledge awaits you at the other end of this doorknob. 

Also know that on your yogic journey, even though you become a yoga instructor, you are forever a student here, the learning never ends.

You may start to feel overwhelmed

Yoga involves learning the Eight Limbs, the paths of yoga, the Chakra system, the founders and influencers, the ancient stories, yoga postures, the Sanskrit names etc. All this could make you feel dizzy just thinking about it. Here’s my advice: treat this learning process as a journey rather than focusing on your end destination. Break down your primary goal and then continue to build upon it one step at a time. 

Your priorities will change

Yoga requires practice and dedication so, your personal practice will become a necessity. Your eating habits will change, drinking and partying will be less frequent, shopping will be less important, and gossiping will not excite you anymore. But you will know the value of this new way of living. It will become sacred for you and you will feel proud every moment.  

You will acquire a new family

Your yoga teacher training group will soon become your second family. A family made up of all shapes and sizes, but a beautiful, supportive, and loving family. These people will witness and stay with you to break down barriers, move through fears, and blossom into a successful yoga teacher. 

You will break through walls of fear

Every kind of wall which you were very cautious about will break down, and with force and will you become a better person. This will be an opportunity to let everything flow in the most supportive, loving environment you can ever imagine.  

You will push yourself to the new limits

You will be doing yoga most of your time and the best part about all of it is that you’ll be loving every moment of it. The excitement of learning new postures, movements, and teaching will bring a ferocious attitude of positivity and energy and you will push yourself each day to a new you.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams 

We have the power to do anything at any age. We have the ability to start a new journey at each stage of our life. We can even make the impossible possible. And we can change this world with our positive attitude of learning.

Know your area

Taking that first step requires a lot of self-motivation, knowing your area where you will be starting your new chapter of life is of utmost importance, you should start by doing a lot of proper consideration and research. Identify the pace of lifestyle and then choose a particular kind of yoga for yourself, but remember that to be a teacher you need to learn all. Research about schools, teachers, programs, and find a yoga community that will support you in all the ways possible. This is the most crucial step because an ethical trainer makes an ethical student. Choose the most suitable place where you can truly relax and live the life of a Yogi, that could a corner in your home too.

Imagine being able to relax on your own couch at your home while learning Yoga. Yeah now go get trained.