Why India is one of the best destination for your yoga teacher training?


Yoga is that one thing that will make you feel relaxed, calm, focused, and balanced that bestows upon you lifetime peace and inner joy. Yoga practitioners and teachers who have already invested their precious time into this must be aware of its transcendent energy and health benefits. Now comes the question, where to find a good Yoga Teacher Training Course school in the whole world? 

So, your answer is India, as it has good schools which can be considered most suitable for a spiritual awakening journey. The thing to take care of is that the place has the spiritual and Sattvic vibes because I feel the journey is about discovering yourself and your purpose of existence in the universe. 

Let’s take a look at all the important aspects based on which I decided to go for YTTC school in India. 

A homeland of yoga 

India gives a sense of belonging to those who are inclined towards yoga as an essential part of their life. Many people address India as the ‘mothership’ – which means that humans gravitate towards India with their hearts and minds. India is a homeland of yoga because yoga was first mentioned in Vedas over 5,000 years ago in the Indus Valley. Also, the city called ‘Rishikesh’ is located in India and is known as the ‘Yoga capital of India’. 

The tranquility of the location 

When I was on my journey of spiritual awakening, my priority was on peace and vibes, significantly. My search came to an end on the land that not only feels like ‘Devbhoomi’ but is actually a god’s land, Beachshala at Kashish Yoga, Palolem – Agonda beach road, South Goa, India. 

It is located far from the hullabaloo of the city and traffic, amidst the peace and beside the breathtaking serene beauty of the sea as far as your eyes can see. Yoga will make you believe that if you can hear the silence, you can find solace even in the cacophony of life.  

Like-minded community 

You become your company, when I was on my spiritual journey to learn and master the yoga practices and meditation, the people with the same aim helped me a lot. They shared the same energy and vibes and that made the journey worth remembering. Refreshing activities like cycling and sight-seeing kept us moving. 

Sattvic lifestyle

The yogic journey remains incomplete without the Sattvic lifestyle, which means that staying away from the tamasic lifestyle and food should be taken on priority. I appreciate my decision to stay with Kashish Yoga and enhance the extraordinary experience. It helps in living a balanced life with a good immune system and digestive system. 

Besides this, it kept me motivated to stay healthy and save myself from getting ill while traveling. Sattvic lifestyle is a pure gift of nature that lets yogis live a dream life inside out. 

Safe environment 

Choosing a place to awaken your spirituality becomes an astonishing decision when you feel absolutely safe at the place. India is seen as a country that is not so friendly to foreigners. Here there is a concern that the place should be safe to experience a sattvic life for a few weeks. At Kashish Yoga, you not only feel safe but absolutely accomplished. Safety will not be a concern here at a yogic destination that makes you cherish your own choice. 

Experiencing the yogic philosophies 

While you are in India for your Yoga Teacher Training Course, you can experience the primary and foundational philosophies of yoga. From experiencing the spirituality that is talked about in the Vedas to rituals that you see in temples on auspicious occasions and events (takes place in the initial days of YTTC, India). 

Who would not like and appreciate the beauty of Indian rituals that have been performed thousands of years ago in India? The songs, prayers, meditation, rituals, offering flowers and lighting diyas, and wearing a saree (traditional wear) lets you feel and experience your journey in an authentic way. It is something that stays with you all your life. What else would be the best takeaway? 

Heartwarming rituals 

Hawan and mantras were a reminder to me that I live in a country that gives importance to the basics of life, a country that believes in a sattvic way of living and leading a life. Wearing a saree for special occasions and lightning diyas becomes a part of daily routine that gives you a sense of belongingness like you belong to the spiritual world. 

Generates curiosity

The Basic Yoga course and Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) with YACEP are two different worlds. To take Yoga to the next level, you would need to pick up a journey that gives you an in-depth understanding of yoga. Besides learning basic yoga, they get to learn the HOWs and WHYs of yoga. It teaches you the right practices and ensures that the learners do meet the core purpose of learning yoga and not merely practice it physically. 

A world beyond Yoga

Witnessing Yoga from the YTTC lens would make you realize that yoga is not just physical practice but a spiritual journey. Multi-style yoga, meditation, and pranayama help an individual to master and excel in the field. Knowing and absorbing all the yogic science is not possible without experiencing the YTTC journey. Yoga alliance certified course gives you the right, precise, and standardized knowledge about yoga and meditation. 

Exposure and Growth 

Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Aerial, and Ashtanga are a few forms of yoga that help individuals to grow and get exposure through 200 hours and 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). Enrolling in short yoga courses like 50 and 100 hours of YTTC will give you clarity about further learnings. 

Paves the way for spiritual growth 

With the rituals, culture, mantras, hawans, and spiritual celebrations in the YTTC journey, you not only develop yogic skills physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Daily routine and its essence touch the soul of an individual that lets you explore yourself and your purpose in this cosmos. 

In the second century, yoga was further systematized by Sage Patanjali into the Yoga-Sutras. An eight-limbed (ashtanga) path paving the way for true enlightenment. 

What are you waiting for? 

India has numerous things to offer as a country, such as natural beauty, the sea, rivers, spirituality, mesmerizing history besides being the birthplace of yoga. Kashish Yoga’s TTC has got all you wish to experience and master the spiritual skills like a professional for the rest of your life. Learning yoga in India is purely a mind-altering experience. Make this once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience become a part of your daily life because life holds much more than we could think of.