What is the Deal with Yoga Alliance and YACEP for Yoga Lovers? 


The yogic way of life has never failed to bring an adrenaline rush to all yoga lovers. It may not be of interest to someone who has no inclination towards yoga. But, on the other hand, every Yoga lover aspires to acquire advanced knowledge, skills, and an in-depth understanding of Yoga. 

Read on to understand why Yoga Alliance and YACEP gives your Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) a whole new level of  understanding and adds structure to your course.

Generates Curiosity

The Basic Yoga course and Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) with YACEP are two different

worlds. To take Yoga to the next level, you would need to choose a journey that gives you an in-depth understanding of yoga. Besides learning basic yoga, you get to learn the HOWs and WHYs of yoga. It teaches you the right practices and ensures that the learners meet the core purpose of learning yoga and not merely practice it physically. 

Learning Beyond Yoga 

Witnessing Yoga from the YTTC lens would make you realize that yoga is not just a physical

practice but a spiritual journey. Multi-style yoga, meditation, and pranayama practice help an individual to master and excel in the field. Knowing and absorbing all the yogic science is not possible without experiencing the YTTC journey. Yoga alliance certified course gives you the right, precise, and standardized knowledge about yoga and meditation. 

Exposure and Growth 

Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Aerial, and Ashtanga are a few forms of yoga that help individuals to grow and get exposure through 200 hours and 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). Enrolling in short yoga courses like 75 and 100 hours of YTTC will give you clarity about further learnings.  

Paves the Way for Spiritual Growth

With the rituals, culture, mantras, hawans, and spiritual celebrations in the YTTC journey, you not only develop yogic skills physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your daily yoga routine and its essence touches your soul and lets you explore yourself along with your purpose in the universe.

Summing up!

All the yoga lovers out there need to know that learning yoga is different from understanding yoga as a discipline. And YACEP and Yoga Alliance enhances the experience of Yoga, not just as a teacher but as a learner for life. Yoga courses might answer all your curiosities but yoga course under Yoga Alliance and YACEP will inculcate curiosity within you for life.

The curiosity further gives birth to more questions that pave the way for wellness in life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.