Yoga For A Better Mind


Yoga To Your Mind

Moving with the ancient art, towards the self-healing path!

Yoga is an ancient healing art form whose divinity has spiritual powers that provide efficient ways to slow down the natural turbulence of your thoughts, still your restless mind, and give balance to your body. Yoga and meditation help you discover your inner self and reverse the outward flow of consciousness and energy to yourself. 


It offers you a few poses that make your mind a dynamic center, increase your memory power, and help you connect with your mind deeply so you can experience the truth as it is and can remain independent of unpredictable senses. Here’re some of the asanas you could do for a better mind – 

Yoga asanas and the benefits


crane pose

The Crane posture fills a person with a light, joyful and renewed attitude towards life, it’s definitely a fun posture but slightly a difficult one. It requires a lot of energy which is why it is always advised to empty your stomach and bowels before practising this pose.  

Benefits: With regular practice, you get to improve your balance and focus. Your arms, wrist, and inner thighs get strong. You get a toned and strengthy spine and an abdominal portion also with improved digestion.


limb pose

Shoulder stand or an all limb pose is an inversion pose – the one in which your heart is raised above your head. From your shoulders to your feet, every inch is supposed to be stretched out, this pose gives you a relaxed sense and serves you with ease into more complex inversion. 

Benefits: Sarvangasana is believed to cure mild depression with its calming effects. Your buttocks and legs get all toned, your neck and shoulder get a good stretch, your digestion gets improved and to some extent, insomnia is also reduced.


lotus pose

The Lotus pose, a meditative pose that is considered as a good kick start for your day is mostly practised in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings too to give your day a beautifully relaxed ending, basically, there’s no time obligation. All you need is a little flexibility, that you can grow with the practice of course and a good amount of concentration. 

Benefits: The first thing is relaxation for the mind, Padmasana really helps your calm your mind and tame your thoughts. Your spine gets a good posture, knees and ankles are stretched to their very extent. This asana makes your hips flexible and at a spiritual level, it awakens all your chakras and induces inner awareness. 


plow pose

The Plow pose, seems little twisted for sure, but aids to your spine flexibility. If you’re a newbie, then practice this asana with a suitable prop as the posture demands, never overstretch and do not rush, practice slowly always. Once you achieve this pose, you’re going to feel confident about your body immediately and of course flexible.

Benefits: Halasana is considered as a therapeutic for backache, headache, insomnia and sinusitis also. It has an impact on the thyroid gland and abdominal organs. Your shoulders, back, and neck are stretched all together and it relieves you from stress and any sort of tiredness. 



Another meditation posture, Sukhasana is simply sitting cross-legged with your back and neck straight and practicing breathing exercises. It is simply named upon the kind of feeling it generates. It is advised to sit slightly on an elevated surface so the posture remains intact for long and knees are given the right inclination. 

Benefits: Sukhasana helps you activate the Muladhara Chakra (the base chakra). Gives a good stretch to your legs, relaxes your brain, helps you for more difficult postures like Padmasan. Aids in yoga meditation and reduces blood pressure. 

Pro tip – If you’re a person who has a chaotic fast-paced life outside, then Yin Yoga is one Yoga style that will help you calm your mind and manage your thoughts in less time. And if you lead a settled slow-paced life then as suggested you should go for Vinyasa Yoga. So go, start your journey to the mind today, build deep connections and try living through yoga. Good Luck!