Yoga For Children


Why people should be taught Yoga at a young age?

To take charge of one’s own life, to be able to become the master of one’s own body, mind and all the energies that one possess, yoga should be taught to people from a very young age. With the arising issues of depression, fatigues, anxiety, suicide, drug abuse and more among the youth today, a remedy is indeed required for this young generation before they make a mess out of their surroundings and their lives. A lifestyle that explains the importance of personal interaction, calming the mind and accepting the silence aligned with self-love, acceptance and compassion needs to be promoted not just among the adults, but among our younger generation mostly.  

Living an exhausting life


Kids today spend much of their time shunting between extra-curricular activities, homework and school. There’s really no time for free play. They face stimulation, distractions, academic and peer pressure too early in their life. Plus, their own insecurities and worries haunt them. They are too involve in their own thoughts plus in the expectations of their parents, society and whosenot. In such a scenario, yoga becomes an important aspect that can help kids cope up with this world of pressure-cookers and infuse their personalities with energy and trust.

Yoga for kids

A daily yoga practice will pave the way for stimulating and exploring the imagination of a child in a multitude of enjoyable ways. It increases concentration, mental capacity, relaxation and decreases stress and anxiety. Learning about mindfulness, such as meditation and breathwork, will help children control their feelings in their social interactions and encourage them to make positive decisions when given the possibilities. 

Yoga for Kids

This unique activity can be a best friend for parents and an ideal instrument for children to learn self-regulation by managing their ever-fluctuating levels of energy. Envision that your kid has the understanding about how to check in with themselves in a situation that feels stressful and can pause and say, “Mom, I need to sit in silence to take some breaths and relax myself,” or you are seeing their improved happiness and stress management skills as a result of regular practice. Believe it, as yoga becomes more feasible for our youth, it is happening and will continue.

Benefits of yoga for kids

  • Yoga educates children about their body, mind and breath.
  • Assists in preventing the wandering mind of a child, and helps developing brain capacity and the ability to focus better.
  • Enhances creativity and imagination.
  • Alleviates emotional and physical balance.
  • Increases energy levels and offers deep relaxation.
  • Helps to conquer feelings such as jealousy, fear and rage.
  • Improves respiratory and pulmonary ability.
  • Strengthens and lengthens body muscles.
  • Promotes good eating habits. A relief for parents who have to contend with fast food intake and fussy eaters.

It is never too early or too late for our kids to promote a happy and safe lifestyle. Yoga is a spiritual activity originating from ancient India that is 5,000 years old, meaning “union” that centres on the unity of soul and heart and enriches a greater sense of self. Yoga teaches being non-judgmental and empathetic towards all beings, offers encouragement to our youth in all cultural, ethnic and other such aspects.

Yoga for kids

Kids today struggle with a lot of more strain than ever before, stemming from social media, academics, diverse care-givers, broken homes, various sports, and more. It could be a life-changing experience for them to have an outlet like yoga that can transform their capacity to cultivate more harmony, happiness and love while enhancing their physical health. Yoga is an opportunity to empower children with skills that will help them cope with the variety of lifestyle pressures they might face in their life ahead.