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Disclaimer: Ours prices may INCREASE from time to time. However, please be assured that we shall commit to the same price at which you have booked and not ask you for the difference. Similarly, our prices may decrease as well. But we shall remain committed to the price at which you have booked.


Many (fake) accounts/profiles of our faculty members have been created and are running over instagram and other platforms. They may connect with you and ask you to share some details or even money. You are advised to interact with our faculty members only through your course counsellor in school or via zoom.

Please be aware that none of our teachers ever approach the students directly on their own accord and ask for any sort of money or provide any “solution”. Please disregard such communications or profiles. However, the school won't be held liable or responsible for any consequences if you decide to continue any such direct conversations with any such profiles. Thank You.