Ashok Kumar is a full-time travelling yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga from childhood, by grace of divine he was born in family who was already engaged in spiritual practice and this is how yoga came naturally to him. Ashok is certified by Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) & Quantity council of India by Governmental body of India & RYT500. (E-RYT 200)

His whole purpose of teaching is to help the student to be in a peace with self; to achieve a balanced mind and a pure body. Ashok sees Yoga as an art of tuning our mind, our energy, inner sound of our existence with divine energy, and that’s what he teaches and spreads among his students.

Apart from Ashtanga classes, and theoretical classes, Ashok also leads Osho Meditation sessions, that help the students to reach the state of feeling delighted in their own presence, their own being.


After travelling around the world practicing and teaching Vipassana meditation, Durgesh joined Kashish Yoga Team.

She started her Yoga practice at an early age of 12 and has been a devout practitioner of the traditional Hatha practice – Asana, Shatkarma, Philosophy and Ayurveda, both on and off mat. Meditation, especially Vipassana is her one true love. No matter where she is or whom she is surrounded by, Durgesh can easily slip into meditation.

She holds 5 years of Professional experience of teaching Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy and Shatkarmas and dedicated a year of her life teaching Vipassana.

She qualified the Level Two Yoga Teacher Exam of Quality Council Of India (QCI) and attained a one year Diploma Course In Yoga Science.

Her smile is infectious and her energy palpable. Students are known to leave her classes feeling elated.


As a Yoga Teacher, Kountey’s offering of yoga is enthused by an eclectic background in the movement arts (Classical – Bharatnatyam Dancer, Choreographer of Bollywood Contemporary Dance style & Rhythmic Gymnastics).

He believes in harmonizing body, mind and will through a unique blend of yogic styles and allowing the spirit to play.

Kountey holds a Diploma in Yoga Education from the Kavi Kulguru Kalidas University of Nagpur and became a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Vidya Dham Center in Dombivli.

Being a Choreographer, he understands his students and accordingly designs the classes with Traditional Hatha Yog incorporating Vinyasa Yog to it. Kountey believes yoga is a form of a therapy for the teacher also – “When I’m fully present and in the teaching zone, giving my students the space to practice their poses, I find myself losing track of a time and my own mental preoccupations. It’s just my students, their mats, and I, in one consistent unit.”


A Yoga enthusiast from the age of 10, Shubu always dreamt about being a Yoga Sadhaka whose aim is to add value to people’s life by teaching and imparting the knowledge of Yoga and to benefit the human life at all stages. By practicing patience and learning the techniques from his Yoga Guru, his mother, he teaches traditional Hatha Yoga and Philosophy in a disciplined manner.

Shubham holds the certificates and titles gained from various yoga programs at Kaivalyadham Institute and at Sivananda Ashram. Moreover he is a certified 500 hrs Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher from Shiva Shakti Yoga School.

Influenced by Yoga at an early age, the ultimate purpose of his yogic life is to give everyone the best possible start in life, by bringing peace and happiness in everything and forever.


Sun has been teaching Yoga and holistic therapies internationally since arriving in India for the first time in 2014. Passionate about Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Plant Based Medicine, as well as Vegan practices and lifestyle, Sun combines her training and her knowledge to help others with physical and emotional blockages.

With a combination of being an animal lover, writer, and seeker of knowledge, Sun is now based in Goa. You will often find her throughout India surrounded by local animals she has rescued. In her spare time, she has helped Indian animals find forever homes across the globe. When not in India, Sun continues to travel and share her knowledge as both an Anatomy Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Plant Based Food Consultant, and Trauma Coach. Her mission in life is to reach and teach through spiritual and intuitive healing practices that focus on self-love.

Her love of Yoga grew late in life, but with a willingness to absorb as much of its traditions. Sun is a passionate teacher, who encourages and supports her students with a kind heart.


Susan Craig is an 850 hours multi-style certified yoga instructor from Sydney, Australia. After completion of her YTTC, Susan has been able to connect deeply and spiritually with her body, breath, mind and the changing rhythms that life has thrown at her. Yoga has since become her life line such that being on the mat now gives her immense peace and contentment beyond all her other passions.

This is her third time in magical India. She has tasted the many different approaches to yoga, stayed in ashrams on the Ganga, and shut herself off from the outside world on silent vipassana retreats. While she has a natural affinity with the creativity and mindful movement of vinyasa and the quiet acceptance of Yin, Susan has finally found her wings with aerial yoga. Be prepared to fly with her!


Our powerhouse from South Africa, Tamlyn, has been teaching yoga for nearly 3 years to people of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

She found Yoga at the age of 19. After completing a kids yoga training, she wanted to share the magic of yoga with those less fortunate in the country who wouldn’t ever be exposed to or have the opportunity to practice yoga. She took yoga to the streets and slums of Johannesburg to the future generations- kids aged 2-5 years old. She believes that teaching these kids consciousness for other beings and themselves could change their lives from growing into criminals.

She combines her knowledge in anatomy, the bio-mechanics of the body and psychology from her degree in Sports Psychology, with the knowledge of the ancient yogic ways to mould a class in order to open and manifest pathways safely in the body and the mind through postures, meditation and Pranayama. Creating body and mind opening and soul satisfying classes in order to heal and protect the body from external stress factors handed out by the journey of life.


After attending her first yoga class in Venezuela in 2000 she knew that all she wanted was to become a yoga teacher and live a yogi lifestyle. Yuremi is a Sport Science graduate living between Germany, where she is a full time yoga teacher, and India, where she’s sharing her knowledge and training future yoga teachers.

She has completed all her teacher trainings in India – Multistyle and Acro Yoga teacher certificates received in Goa, and Ashtanga teacher certificate from Mysore.

Yureimi sees yoga as a key to ones life, that’s where her happiness comes from. Practicing yoga with her will increase your mental and body balance, as well as improve your physical strength. She is a very devoted teacher who cherishes sharing the experience, positive energy and various techniques with the students.

During her Aerial and Acro Yoga classes she makes sure everyone flies high with a big smile on their face.