Endarkenment, Enlightenment And Solar Eclipse

Endarkenment, Enlightenment And Solar Eclipse

Humans and Celestial Events (Solar Eclipse) Humans have always observed celestials events with awe, wondering whether and how they are going to impact the lives on earth. This year, June 10 is the annular solar eclipse....

Yoga Benefits for Elderly People

Growing Old Healthy Is Always Possible Growing older offers many blessings, like wisdom, grace, insight, knowledge, and perspective, to name a few. The desire emerges to settle down, maybe a little too much, as people...

Yoga For Children

Why people should be taught Yoga at a young age? To take charge of one's own life, to be able to become the master of one's own body, mind and all the energies that one possess,...
Learn Yoga For Mental Health

Yoga For Mental Health

How Yoga For Mental Health Works? Tension, Terror, Anxiety, Depression, sounds familiar, right? If we start counting all the times of our life where we encountered these feelings, we can only lose track. For example, anxiety...
200 hour online yoga teacher training course

Taking A Yoga Teacher Training Course Online

A Journey To The Mindfulness The greatest worth is self-mastery The past two years have been a greater bearer of bad experiences for everyone around the globe. Covid-19 have forced us to change our lifestyle and go...

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