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What qualities do I need to have to become a Yoga Teacher?
All you need is an open heart and willingness to accept, acknowledge and embrace the change around and in you.

I am an Atheist, I can’t get all religious, can I practice Yoga at Kashish?
Yoga came way before than any religion ever existed on Earth. It’s a spiritual science. A universal science of knowing
oneself. Many atheists around the world our wonderful yogis today because they took Yoga in that sense only. Yoga never
forces any religion over yogi. It’s all spiritual.

Can I practice yoga even if I’m not flexible and fit?
Absolutely yes! The whole purpose of yoga is to enable you to become fit and flexible – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am not so a spiritual person but I think yoga can be beneficial, is it ok for me to enrol?
Yes, it is definitely ok for you to practice yoga and pursue a yoga teacher training course. Our teacher shall guide you step
by step throughout the course.

What if I miss a class in an emergency situation?
You can inform the course coordinator in advance. He/She shall provide you with the recorded session of the class.

How an online course is different from an offline course?
Technically, there is no difference in an online Yoga Teacher Training Course and an offline Yoga Teacher Training Course.
In fact, some additional benefits are there with online training, like you get certified while sitting in the comfort of your
home, you can easily continue living the other parts of your life undisturbed, you can request to reschedule your classes
as per any given situation, you can get recorded sessions and more. Online or Offline – the journey remains the same.

What if I just want to deepen my Yoga Practice and not pursue any YTTC certification?
You can simply opt for Daily Yoga Classes online. However, each of our YTT course has been designed to enrich one’s yoga
practice besides teaching the yoga teaching practices. But there are always options with us:).