6th Feb - 18th March, 2023
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Tantra Illumination

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75 hours of Tantra Yoga Teacher Training journey promises you a deep intimate connection
with others and yourself while reaching towards the higher consciousness

On your Way To Becoming A Tantrik
Extracting Essence From Illusions

On your Way To Becoming A Tantrik
Extracting Essence From Illusions

All About Tantra Yoga

Tantra is from around A.D. 500. It had notions that challenged
religious orthodoxy and idealism of purity, and it grew out of an
impulse among some people to claim ways of worship that
were not dictated by the priestly castes. Tantric practices
confronted the rules and most times broke them. Soon, tantra
became a comprehensive system for extending knowledge
and wisdom — for realizing that the whole world is an
interwoven entity.

All About Tantra Yoga

Tantra, combined from two words - Tanoti means the
expansion and Trayati means liberation, is about the
techniques that take your existence, your being beyond the
physical limitations to gain spiritual liberation. With
techniques like yoga, asana, mantra, mudra, bandha, chakra,
dhyana and more, Tantra Yoga offers you the
entire universe and lets you connect with
your higher consciousness.

Sex! Orgasm! Seduction! Experimentation!

Are not Tantra, Tantra Yoga as whole is beyond human
imaginations and logics!

Humans’ inquisitiveness about the most uncontrollable
forms of energy has added many wrong notions to Tantra
Yoga. And most of the western world still experiences the
bare minimum of Tantra Yoga
, which is why Tantrik sex is
one heavy traffic generating term on google, amazon
book section, YouTube and more such platforms.

But to all knowledge, sex and sexual energy count like one
of the onion’s layers in Tantra.

Tantra came to west as sexual ecstasy

Tantra, as quoted by many intelligent people from the west back
then, let people have their best possible sexual experience ever,
and that was it for Tantra! The whole image of Tantra Yoga got
wrapped around sex in the entire west and is still the same today.
Reasons could be different - some want to connect to their heart
through a loving, sexual act with their partner or just themselves,
some try to reinvigorate their relationship by deepening their
intimacy level. But more and all, it’s similar, and is limited to the
knowledge that has been spread so far in the west about Tantra.

Awakening and channelizing desire is one of the many tools
offered by Tantra to achieve bliss beyond the body. But to attain
such a knowledge that connects you to the divine within you, you
must make a divine approach towards it.

Little did anyone know then that with five forces of Shakti and the
powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra,
bandha and chakra work,
one can experience elation in
every moment of their existence through Tantra Yoga

Moving around the world with confidence and contentment
Once you understand Tantra to its core, You start channelling your
kundalini energy - the most divine feminine energy concept of Tantra,
and achieve higher goals.You start living through tantra’s real notions.
This energy, when awakened through tantric practices, lets you touch
spiritual liberation. Societal labels don’t exist for you, nothing is unexplored,
nothing remains right or wrong.

You reach that level where you realize what a
wave is to the ocean, you are to this universe.

All connected, Nothing strange!

Understanding The Process of
Tantrik Liberation

As your Kundalini rises one by one up your chakras, you experience
  • pleasure, more sensual than sexual
  • new profound insights on life
  • freedom from ego and from material realms
  • conscious creation of our reality
  • love, compassion, no fears, joy of existence
  • that you are important, you are the universe
  • pretending to be human

Your Curriculum in detail

Social level tantrism, Philosophical level tantrism, Shakti Metaphysics, Spiritual level tantrism, Techniques for Gaining Access to the Multi-level Forces Within and Out, The human body and the Cosmos. Active and Dormant forces and more.

About Vishnu (the maintainer), Rama and Krishna, Lakshmi, Kalki avatar, Lakshmi, Ratna Bhagavad Gita, Pancharatra, 108 Agamas and more

Lord Shiva, The Action of Shakti, Vairagya (Renunciation), Principles of Shaivism And Shakta Tantra, Supreme Brahman, Shakti Panths, Northern Advaita, Dakshina Shaiva Tantra, Indian Shaivism and more.

Mahata Chaitanya (Shiva), Purification of The Body, Mind and Materialistic World, Harmonizing Your Consciousness, Supreme Consciousness, Shaivites, Shakta Panthis, Kularnava, Kamadhenu, Kubjika, Tantraraj, Barahi, Neel, Gyanava, Gayatri, Yogini Rudrayamala, Bhuta Shuddhi Tantra, Kamasutra, Kama Ratna, Brahma Yamal, Vishnu Yamal, Bahmi Tantra, Maheshwari Tantra and more.

Sun and Tantra, Suryopasana, Light of Shiva's Consciousness, Greek Theory, Sun and Solar System, Symbolism and more.

Ganesha - Symbol of Intelligence, Tantric Group, Tantra Texts, Interactions of Shiva, Shakti, Krishna and With Other Deities, Ganesha Mantra and more.

About The Scriptures Classified As "Applied Tantric Science," Why Ill-Intentioned Tantrics Formulas, Which Can Use For Marana (Killing), Vashikarana (Seduction), Mohana (Manipulating The Minds of Others), Vidveshana (Creating Animosity Between Two People), and Others Are Forbidden To Tantra Aspirants, Prayoga Shastra, Role Of Guru and more.

How Tantra Relates To Big Bang Theory?, Hiranyagarbha, The Big Bang Theory and more.

Nasadiya Sukta of The Rig Veda, Golden Egg/The Golden Womb or The Hiranyagarbha of Hindu Mythology, The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and more.

Process of Creation, Destruction and Re-Creation, Brahma’s Life, The Process of Destruction, Called Cataclysm (Pralaya), Maha Yugas, Kalyuga and more.

About Tantra, Tantra and Yoga Relation, Yoga in Tantra, Tantra-Yoga Techniques, Branches of Tantra, Panth, Devtas, Shastras, Agam Advaita-Nirnay, Nigam Kalpadrum and more.

Tantra Yoga & Mantra, Yantra (Tools) of Tantra, Mantra Chanting For Tantrik Journey, Practices and more.

Introduction to Vigyan Bhairav, Meaning and Terminology, Dialects Between God and Goddesses, Origination and History, Meditation and Techniques and more.

Introduction to Shiva Sutras, Shiva Sutras and Vasugupta, Teachings of Shaiva Non-Dualism, Understanding ​​param Shiva, 22 Sutras, Sambhavopaya, Saktopaya, Anavopaya and more

For a journey that lets you meet your full potential, makes you realize that you are your own illness,
and only you are your own cure, any price put on would be an understatement !

What you are getting here is

  •   75 Hours of Tantra Yoga Practice
  •   Tantra Yoga Philosophies
  •   Tools of Tantra Yoga Practice
  •   Tantra Yoga Teaching Methodologies
  •   Live Sessions Straight from India
  •   Global Connectivity with Tantrik & Tantrika
  •   Worldwide Valid YACEP Certification
  •   Downloadable Study Material
  •   Recordings on Request and more
  •   75 Hours of Tantra Yoga Practice
  •   Tantra Yoga Philosophies
  •   Tools of Tantra Yoga Practice
  •   Tantra Yoga Teaching Methodologies
  •   Live Sessions Straight from India
  •   Global Connectivity with Tantrik & Tantrika
  •   Worldwide Valid YACEP Certification
  •   Downloadable Study Material
  •   Recordings on Request and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wishes to learn Tantra Yoga can start with their Tantra Illumination journey. Tantra Illumination is a YACEP accredited Online Tantra Yoga Teacher Training course available for all. Certification is given to yoga teachers as per yoga alliance norms.

All the classes are conducted live on zoom. Students are given personal dashboard access, where they can find links to their respective classes.

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training course is available for a course duration of 36 days, 75 hours.

You can request your course counsellor for class recording which will be available to you for 21 days.

The course fee is 500 Euros. You can talk to your course counsellor for part payment.

YACEP courses certifications are valid worldwide.

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