Why Kashish Yoga

Yoga is a holistic science for self-realization through balancing, physical, psychological and spiritual energies and to reach cosmic consciousness. We are grateful to all those great people who preserved and added glory to this unifying wisdom, by practicing of which, one can realize one’s own true self, shedding all imperfections. We preach, practice and teach yoga that helps you with you and makes everyday life more comfortable, connected and straight up amazing because yoga to us is not just about flexing your feet and touching your toes! It’s about what you learn on your way down. That’s not even all – the peace of mind that a little bit of meditation can bring, makes life a whole lot more enjoyable. We, at Kashish Yoga, offer students the opportunity to experience one of the most unique, genuine and affordable Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) in Goa. We provide a Yoga Alliance certified 24 days 200 hour multi-style YTTC and a 28 days 300 hour Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinyasa YTTC. We encourage our students to develop an understanding of yoga beyond the asana practice. So take your love and understanding of yoga to a whole new level on a life changing journey of true self-discovery!


People start doing yoga for a million different reasons. Whether you’re in it for the exercise, meeting new people or the spiritual side of yoga – you can find all this and more at Kashish Yoga! Yoga is a spiritual science for the fulfillment of peace and harmony within the individual and the society.


Kashish Yoga has come up with a vision to make yoga accessible to the people of all walks of life. Anyone of any age, country, and religion can learn true yoga with us.

OUR AIM is to provide simple, effective, systematic and scientific way of teaching yoga for everyone. Because we believe a real teacher is one who helps others life in all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are also protecting the environment and helping the world to be a better place by promoting green and nature. So in our teaching some activities are included to understand the Mother Nature and its healing energy.


Through yoga you will find balance, harmony and growth. You will start understanding the world in a different way.

Kashish Yoga focuses on individual needs of understanding love and spreading consciousness. When consciousness and love come together, it brings fulfilment in life. Our practice of yoga is traditional with a blend of modernization. Your journey to a new life starts today with Kashish Yoga.

Kashish Yoga is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) certified
Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa, India.