200 Hours Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course Gurus, English

Darshini Prajapati
Midalam Achuthan
Siddharth Banerjee
Satyakam Gupta
Shubham Dhumal

Even with the basic insights of Yoga one can find a way to enhance his/her – Purpose, Perception & Life.

Anyone: Hey Ms. Darshini, Spell Therapy.

Ms. Darshini: It’s Y-O-G-A :)

Our Guru Darshini Prajapati is one dedicated Yogini who gives Yoga as a therapy to people. She has been involved in spirituality since her childhood and her beliefs and incline towards Yoga made her pursue Masters education in Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy. Soon after completing her 200 Hour TTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga from Mysore, Darshini started spreading the essence of Yoga among people from different corners of the world. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga styles, Therapeutic yoga and various meditation techniques. And apart from being a brilliant Yoga teacher, Darshini is also a certified acupressure/ reflexology practitioner and she uses her knowledge of pressure powers in her classes too.

200 Hours Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course Gurus, Spanish


Tania Ramos Garcia
Nikole Cedeno

¡Para una alma nómada, el yoga se convierte en un estilo de vida y el viaje vibra hogareño!

Para Tania, el Yoga es lo que el color verde es para la Madre Tierra.

Tus intenciones y el punto de donde comienzas tu viaje impactan más tus resultados. La intención de nuestra Yoga Guru Tania es sembrar la semilla del yoga en diferentes tierras dio vueltas alrededor del mundo y pasar temporadas deambulando por países como India, Guatemala, España y más. Su pasión por el yoga y su filosofía, que comenzó con su viaje de yoga en Kashish Yoga, la llevó a algunos trainings de enseñanza de yoga de nivel avanzado y todo esto la convierte en una maestra de yoga increíble.

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Ruchi Gulati
Ritesh Patel

Yoga is a way of life. It emphasizes what’s more important ‐ Humility, Grace, Kindness, Breath, Stillness, Hope, Change & honouring your body.

For Ruchi, Yoga is more than a series of movements, it is to find harmony in one’s mind, body & soul.

Our Yoga Guru Ruchi has always been genuinely interested in improving the lives of people she interacts with, therefore and always justifying the meaning of her name – Ruchi (Hindi for interest). An urge to make a difference among people’s life drove her towards learning, practicing and teaching Yoga. She has completed 900 hours of training in comprehensive yoga teacher training course. Ruchi’s main inclination is towards Yoga Philosophy, although she is a quite a proficient in theory, practical and all the educational aspects of Yoga, she enjoys applying the knowledge of Yoga philosophy among the new yogis and other people as well. She uses her in depth knowledge and understanding in the field of yoga as a tool for relaxation and spreading happiness and enabling her students to create a healthy and free lifestyle. Her other areas of expertise are - yoga asanas, pranayamas, public speaking, motivator, life coaching and more. Her ambition is to help people realize the importance of yoga in their lives to maintain a healthy body and a balanced mind.

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