Experience the best of your mind, body & spirit with Kashish Yoga Journey

Experience the best of your mind, body & spirit
with Kashish Yoga Journey

Tantra Illumination
75 Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training
Available in English

Tantra Yoga Philosophies     Tools of Tantra Yoga Practice
Kundalini energy, chakra balancing, Mudra-Bandhas & more     Teaching techniques and more

75 hours, 36 days of Tantra yoga practice, to help you build a more meaningful intimate relationship with yourself and others around you. Understand the right practices of Right-Hand Tantra Yoga, break all the misconceptions and extract the real essence of ancient wisdom of Tantra yoga. Reach towards the higher consciousness by extending your knowledge with Tantra Illumination Tantra Yoga Teacher Training. A Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program to add value to your existing yoga teacher career. Learn to teach Tantra with a powerful combination of asana, mantra, mudra, bandha, chakra work, meditation, Pranayama, and more with experienced Indian Tantra teachers.

Journey Fee: €500
Next Journey Starts on Feb 6, 2023
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75 Hours Yoga and Ayurveda Course
Available in English

75 hours, 36 days of Yoga and Ayurveda to help you add more meaning to your yogic lifestyle. Get to learn how Ayurveda knowledge can help you treat your own problems through natural means. So be it beauty, healthcare or mental wellbeing, Yoga and Ayurveda is the perfect combo to relieve of all major issues. A YACEP certified course to enhance your practice with the right understanding and balance of Yoga and Ayurveda!

75 Hours Yin and Meditation Teacher Training Course
Available in English and Spanish

Designed especially for yoga teachers     Yin techniques combined with teaching practice
Understanding Meditation techniques that compliment Yin style

24-days, to add a tremendous amount of value to your yoga teaching practice, learn the intricate details of yin energy and meditation techniques that compliment. Connect your experience to an intense inward approach with 75 hours of Yin and Meditation Online Teacher Training Course - a yoga alliance continuing education program for yoga teachers to keep their practice updated and active.

Journey Fee: € 450
Next Journey Starts on March 17, 2022
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Valor del Viaje: € 450
El Próximo viaje empezará el Abril 15, 2022
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Empowerment to Your Way!

Available in English, Spanish and German

A full-scale multi-style YTT program     Designed especially for beginners
Provides best possible Yoga Learnings & Teaching methodology

An online journey outlined by experts and yoga gurus to provide you with a deeper holistic understanding of ancient Indian yoga practices and skills that are crucial to yoga teaching. 200 hours multi-style YTTC is a smooth blend of
theory and practice, designed while keeping in mind the beginner’s level.

A comprehensive guide on varied yoga styles that enables you to explore your innermost cores with a deep awakening sense. Be it – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga or any form of Yoga. You learn all here! Besides the practical know-how, you learn through yogic texts, yogic philosophy, the concepts of meditation, different yogic techniques, along with
Anatomy, Physiology, Teaching Methodology and Ayurvedic Sciences.

Journey Fee: € 700
Next Journey Starts on July 1, 2022
Valor del Viaje: € 700
El Próximo viaje empezará el July 1, 2022
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Reisegebühr: € 700
Die nächste Reise beginnt am August 4, 2022
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Taking the higher route towards your Spirituality!

Available in English and Spanish

Highly informed & advance yoga journey     A collection of the oldest & purist yoga practices
Deep study on Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga    Designed for yoga teachers

Fill your personal zones with a deep sense of self-exploration and further your yoga teaching skills by dedicating a few more hours to your Yogic learning and teaching practice. 300 hours YTTC is meant to empower you in terms of your
yoga teaching skills, your knowledge and the confidence you require to lead an advance yoga class

A collective study of methods and applications from some of the oldest yoga schools of India have been moulded into
your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Journey. The modules are designed progressively and let you integrate purist yoga practices into your regular physical and teaching practice. Every detail you need to know to lead your life more
yogi-cally is in this advance level yoga journey. So, dig deep into yourself till you meet your core!

Journey Fee: € 900
Next Journey Starts on April 15, 2022
Valor del Viaje: € 900
El Próximo viaje empezará el August 15, 2022
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90 minutes of yoga a day keep things you don’t like away!

90 minutes of yoga a day keep things
you don’t like away!

Available in English & Spanish

Multi-style daily yoga practice     A Perfect blend of theory & practical
Designed for everyone

Anyone who craves for a better lifestyle is welcome to Kashish Daily Yoga Classes. A journey focusing on energizing
you and giving you the right vibe every morning and a perfect space for your yogic practice.

The sessions are designed to keep your health, flexibility and immunity in check and improve the same as well. It’s a
perfect way to start with your yoga journey. Daily yoga class multiple-asanas practice sessions combined with
Pranayama and Meditation would serve you with the right vibe to kickstart your day, every day.
You owe these 90 minutes to yourself. Let Yoga reflect the best of your mind, body & spirit.

Journey Fee: € 70 per month
Take a journey and experience what you
are meant to, with Kashish.
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