Separate us from others

At Kashish, You and Your experience with Yoga are both given thoughtful attention.
We figure out ways in which YOU can be offered the best possible Yogic experience of your life.
After all, it’s a life-changing decision that you’re making with us.


Get mindful mornings
with your inner self

Mornings have a huge impact on our whole day and the sync between a living being and the natural time cycle is of great significance in Yoga.

Therefore, with us, you experience the powerful and peaceful impacts of Meditation and Pranayama every morning.

With no compromised
schedule ever

It’s hard to compromise our schedules in this busy world. Right? But You can’t ignore your – Health & Mental Peace too. Also, Right!

Keeping in mind the same We make Your Yogic journey possible - at your home, in your time zone!

You learn to balance
through a balanced

The world around you is balanced and so is your Yogic journey with us. It is a Perfectly Proportionate Blend of Theory & Practical.

Every bit of essential knowledge is shared to you in the way it is meant to be.

With life-like sharing
of experiences &

Webinars, Recorded Videos, Presentations are all outdated, moreover inefficient. Your Yogic Journey deserves more!

Therefore, each session is a Virtual Live Class with KY Gurus at Kashish.

For doubts that need
specific attention

Your spiritual journey doubts deserve the attention of that one person who can resolve them. Which is why we organize One-to-One Live Individual Sessions on Demand for YOU!

And for postures that
need special attention

You get to learn the perfect posture alignments and the science behind every asana with our special Yoga Asanas Clinic Sessions.

B’cause we are one big
great global family

Kashishians are one big family across the world, who remain at their highest spirit and are more than happy to connect & share their experiences with you.

To connect with the Kashishians in your country, talk to us.

B’cause once a
Kashishian is always a

Your journey with us doesn’t end with your course completion. We guide you on your yogic journey all through your life.

B’cause Once you become a Kashishian you remain one for life!

You are our kind of people!

STAY with homies, ACCOMPANY
Anytime in your life for FREE ! Kashishians

Whether you pick an online course or an offline course, the journey of transformation remains the same.
But to know one’s own campus, makes us feel connected to the culture there, right?

Therefore, we provide FREE ONE WEEK COURSE REVISION at one of our two spaces -
Rishikesh or Goa, hills or beaches – you choose, anytime in your life.
So, Come Meet Us, We’re Waiting!

And Go ahead. Judge a course by the exclusivity it offers to you!