Rules & Regulations

This month long program is an opportunity to look deep inside yourself by training your body and mind by following certain yamas and niyamas (do’s & dont’s) as described below:

  • I understand and am aware that this teacher training course will be both physically and mentally challenging, with two yoga practices daily along with up to 6 hours of required class and workshop and lectures time hence I shall not be complaining about course content or stress as I have chosen to do this course on my own.
  • I understand and am aware that cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco are completely prohibited in the Kashish Yoga Retreat. If I am found to be consuming the said items or holding the said items in my possession or within my belongings, I may be subject to immediate expulsion without any discussion or reasoning or refund of fees. Further, I understand and am aware that NARCOTICS or any sort of ILLEGAL DRUGS is completely prohibited in the Kashish Yoga Retreat and if such illegal materials are found in my possession or I am found consuming the same in the retreat, I shall be subject to immediate expulsion from the course without any refund of fees and I WILL BE HANDED OVER TO AUTHORITIES FOR FURTHER ACTION.
  • I am also aware that yoga requires physical moments and practice hence I take full responsibility for any injuries or accidents or physical health related issues that might occur during the course or classes or during my stay at the retreat for any reason whatsoever. I take full responsibility for my own health and well-being during the course and will not hold Kashish Yoga or any of the teaching or administrative staff responsible for injuries or other medical problems that might occur for any reason whatsoever. My health and injuries related to my course shall be at my own risk and decision.
  • I understand and am aware that group meals cannot be custom ordered to fit personal needs or requirements simply because personal dietary preferences and needs vary so greatly. If I have specific nutritional needs, I understand I need to make arrangements myself
  • I understand and am aware that Kashish Yoga follows the curriculum guidelines of the Yoga Alliance; and therefore, requires all participants to show up, participate, and commit 100% to the course. Students who give 100% will have more certain chances to graduate successfully. Those who do not may jeopardize their certification.
  • I understand and am aware that a positive, team-oriented, optimistic attitude is a compulsory requirement for all attendees. Disruptive, rude, negative behavior or COMPLAINING NATURE will NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL. The Management Team have the rights to remove anyone from the course and the retreat at managements discretion without assigning any reasons whatsoever and without any refund of amount paid at all. If I am found to be involved in damaging or influencing or disrupting the mood of the group of students, who have come to undertake a course at their will for a personal perception or expectation of mine, I may be subject to immediate removal and expulsion from school. There shall be no discussion or dialogue with regard to such behavior with the management or any refund of fees.
  • I also and am aware understand that if I decide to leave the course before its conclusion for any personal reasons, or any other reasons or otherwise no refund of any fees shall be made to me for any reasons whatsoever.
  • I understand and am aware that the property, yoga props, furniture, crockery and all assets in the retreat belong to Kashish Yoga. Any damage, disruption, breakage or loss done by a student or a guest shall be the responsibility of the said student/guest and he/she will have to immediately pay for the damage at an amount determined by the Management Team.
  • I understand and am aware that, my agreement, contract, negotiation and terms of course finalized with Kashish Yoga or all its predecessors and successors is an individual contract and has no comparison or relation with any other single co-student or group of students. The fees, services, rooms type, extra nights, pick up drop facility, inclusions or exclusions are all individual and single agreement and cannot be compared with any other student within my same course or different course. I understand and agree that all the terms have been finalized with my well understood consent and I shall not involve myself in this discussion with management or any employee of Kashish Yoga.
  • I understand that Kashish Yoga or its representatives can click wonderful and amazing photographs/videos during our stay here and use it for publishing in their Website / Social Media. I agree for the same.
  • I understand and am aware that I shall be at my own risk on my outings from the retreat on Sundays or any of the weekdays. I shall take full care to protect myself and Kashish Yoga shall not be responsible for any accident/ or unwanted incidents during my time spent outside the retreat.
  • I understand and am aware that if I miss a class for any personal reasons of mine, I shall not be provided extra classes to make up for the same. I might request the management for extra classes and subject to availability it may be organized subject to extra fees.
  • I understand that Officer Hours are fixed for all discussions or requests with Management Team. The management Team may be in the Aashram during the non-office hours for other important works and I shall not be initiating discussions or making requests to them, as and when I feel like to my convenience. [ I understand that this condition is to remove embarrassing decline to requests, as in past, students with complete disrespect to privacy, made requests at any time of their choice at their free will]
  • I understand and am aware that fees once paid (partial or full) is non-refundable.